John Carpenter, visionary director of cult classics Escape From New York and The Thing, presents a startling sci-fi dystopia - a world where They influence our decision without us knowing, They numb our senses without us feeling it, They control our lives without us realising it - a world where They Live!
It is a weary existence for John Nada (WWE superstar "Rowdy" Roddy Piper), living in the slums and labouring to get by. Befriended by co-worker Frank (Keith David, The Thing), their life is measured by frustration and despair set against the desperation of an economic downturn. When John discovers a unique pair of sunglasses that allow him to see the truth, he realises aliens have not only infiltrated society but are hell-bent on taking over the entire world.
With an underground movement in place, it's time for Nada to muscle up and make a stand against the alien foes and fight the subliminal machinations of the status quo before it's too late.

An isolated police station is in the process of relocation. Lt. Ethan Bishop (Austin Stoker, Roots) is a dedicated cop overseeing the job. But when a busload of convicts make an unexpected pit-stop, including notorious death row prisoner Napoleon Wilson (Darwin Joston, The Fog), the precinct becomes a scene of restless animosity and bubbling testosterone. Their situation is soon compounded by a ruthless street gang surrounding the station, armed to the hilt and ready to rampage against the establishment. Under siege, convicts and cops must unite to face the gang and survive the brutal and bloody onslaught.

Two years before he revolutionised the horror genre with cult-classic Halloween, maverick filmmaker John Carpenter (The Thing, They Live) exploded onto the scene with this gritty urban western, displaying an arsenal of bad guys, stylish set-pieces with tension to burn and attitude to match. Propelled by Carpenter’s signature atmospheric music and suspenseful approach Assault on Precinct 13 is an incendiary thriller of high impact.

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