The queen supreme of 'blaxploitation' cinema, Pam Grier (CoffyJackie Brown), teams up with Margaret Markov(The Hot Box) in a no-holds-barred action romp about two fiery female convicts all chained up and ready to rumble.

On a secluded island prison camp, Lee Daniels (Grier) is doing it tough enough, until she is forced to face her bitter rival - white revolutionary Karen Brent (Markov). Sparks fly when the two women are literally chained together in order to sort out their differences, or at least kill each other trying.

But when Karen's guerilla comrades stage a stunning coup, the disparate dames are thrust into the wilderness to nut it out once and for all. Whilst Lee has her sights set on a secret stash of cash Karen just wants to get off the island alive and together they're not going down without a fight!


A classic of the genre, Black Caesar is an explosive triumph of blaxploitation cinema from maverick filmmaker Larry Cohen (It's Alive, Original Gangsters), establishing Fred Williamson (From Dusk Till Dawn) as one of the classiest tough guys to have ever ruled Harlem.
Growing up on the streets without a father and desperately trying to make his mother proud, Tommy Gibbs (Williamson) takes whatever comes his way, running errands, working his way up to get a taste of the good life. But when a crooked cop gets in his way, Tommy soon realises there's a better way to operate - and takes charge of his future by establishing his own delivery service.
Muscling in on the infamous Cardoza family, Tommy takes over, establishing himself as the first black Godfather in Manhattan - tightening the squeeze on anyone who dares stand in his way - including the crooked cop!


Champions of send-up cinema, creators of Scary Movie and the Emmy┬« Award winning In Living Color, the ridiculously talented Wayans family (Keenen, Damon and Kim) keep the laughs flying thick, fast and in your face in this urban action comedy, lampooning 70s blaxploitation movies and Soul Cinema classics.
Jack Spade, a respected war hero, with medals to prove it, returns home to the ghetto to discover that his brother, Junebug, has OG'd (weighted down by his chains he's Over-Golded!) on jewelry. Jack seeks justice and takes it to the streets, vowing to settle the score once and for all with notorious gang boss Mr Big. Drafting a gang of larger-than-life Shaft, Superfly and Black Caesar look-a-likes, Jack is ready to hit Mr Big's Big Brim Bar in a big, bad way. These guys don't come easy, cheap or young - but they sure look cool enough and carry enough fire-power to get the job done!

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