Umbrella is a 100% Australian owned and operated distributor of filmed entertainment that specialises in a wide range of content for theatrical exhibition, home entertainment, TV broadcasting and online download platforms.  Since its inception Umbrella has amassed a catalogue of over 1,500 titles and has one of largest collections of remastered classic Australian films and TV programs on DVD in the country.


Umbrella operations are based in Kew, Victoria and Umbrella service Australia, New Zealand and international markets from this location. Annually, Umbrella produces up to 150 titles (films, TV programs and documentaries) for distribution on DVD which are released on a monthly cycle. 


Umbrella also undertakes rights management activities such as Theatrical and Non-theatrical distribution, Television licensing, video-on-demand, hotels and air-lines.


Umbrella’s release strategies consistently use extras and special features as part of linking titles to consumer needs so as to drive interest and sales across all distribution platforms. These extras typically include interviews with producers, actors, directors, historians or other commentators; stills; behind the scenes galleries; original advertising; documentation and oral histories (“Extras”).


We have also developed its own highly successful internal web sales business with an ever growing email subscription base of loyal web based customers. A regular weekly newsletters and an active social media presence is a critical part of this sales process.


At Umbrella we really love our films and TV, We value our relationships and our deep connections to our customers, we take pride in our ability to nurture our films and look forward to working with you to bring more vital important stories to our screens and to our DVD’s.