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Slick only (front and back cover insert for DVD case) for Gerry Anderson's supermarionation series, Fireball XL5 The Complete Series 5 disc set, signed by Gerry Anderson (DVDs and case not included).  Slick is double-sided, with episode/scene list to be viewed through original clear DVD case.

Please note: Image of slick is truncated, but slick itself is not.

Condition: New, not even creased for use in DVD case.

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Fireball XL5 not only provided the blueprint for Gerry Anderson's hugely successful Thunderbirds supermarionation series, but re-defined sci-fi in the '60s with its inimitable brand of intergalactic kitsch. Commanded by the dashing and daring Colonel Steve Zodiac, the incredible spaceship Fireball XL5 is leading the World Space Fleet's mission to take mankind beyond the solar system in year 2063. With his steadfast crew - the brilliant professor Matt Matic, the glamorous space doctor Venus, and Robert the Robot - Fireball XL5 patrols the vast reaches of Sector 25, where strange races inhabit distant planets. Fireball XL5 saw legendary producer Gerry Anderson (Space: 1999, UFO) turn his attention to space for the first time, resulting in a rarely-seen gem that paved the way for later supermarionation masterpieces like Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet & the Mysterons. This definitive collection includes all 39 black and white episodes of Fireball XL5, digitally restored and presented in their original production order.

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