Enter the Ninja

Angolan Bush War veteran Cole (Franco Nero, Django) is a westerner living in Japan who has been inducted into the secret fighting rituals of Ninjitsu - the darkest and deadliest of all martial arts. Coming to the aid of war buddy Frank Landers (Alex Courtney) in the Philippines, Cole is dragged into a land dispute with Charles Venarius (Christopher George), a scheming oil baron determined to take over Frank's plantation by any means possible.

With his henchmen no match for the imposing Cole, Venarius hires the best assassin money can buy - born of Samurai blood and unable to accept anything but the ancient ways, Ninja Hasegawa (martial arts super star Sho Kosugi) enters the fray with a lethal agenda and will stop at nothing to get his man.

Directed by Menahem Golan (The Delta Force) with fights expertly choreographed by Sho KosugiEnter The Ninja is an action-packed martial arts spectacle, where swords are sharp, nunchucks hit hard and shuriken fly fast.

Revenge of the Ninja

Martial arts legend Sho Kosugi (Prey For Death) steps into the fray wielding swords and shuriken - displaying super-human abilities of strength, speed and lethal Ninja know-how in the 1980s action classic Return of the Ninja.

When a ruthless band of Ninja assassins slaughters the family of Cho Osaki (Kosugi) in his homeland of Japan, he flees to America in the hope of building a new life. A former Ninja himself, Osaki tries to escape his violent past but soon discovers he has become the pawn of a ruthless drug trafficker.

With razor-sharp reflexes, a cache of deadly weapons and a taste for revenge, Osaki draws from his life-long training and dynamic skill-set to dispatch the enemy the only way he knows how - without mercy!

Death Wish 2

In an attempt to put his grisly past behind him, Paul Kersey (Charles Bronson) has moved to Los Angeles to begin life anew. After a violent altercation with a bunch of street thugs, Kersey is once again a marked man. A legacy of violence is unleashed as Kersey sets out to track down the five thugs who have turned his life upside down and provided him with an insatiable drive for vengeance.   

Death Wish 3

Paul Kersey (Charles Bronson) arrives in New York to visit an old friend, but is horrified to find him the victim of a brutal attack.  Kersey snaps back into his old ways - gearing up as the silent avenger once more - ready to strike back against injustice and wage bloody war against the city's growing population of thugs and reprobates.

Directed by Michael Winner (Death Wish), also starring Jill IrelandVincent Gardenia , Laurence Fishburne, Martin Balsam and Ed Lauter and featuring a dynamic soundtrack by Led Zeppelin's Jimmy PageDeath Wish 2 and 3 continue the legacy of no-holds-barred one-man justice, where vengeance is the name of the game.

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