World War II hero Audie L. Murphy (1924-1971), the most decorated soldier in American history, portrays himself in this 1955 action classic based on his 1949 autobiography. With Murphy re-creating his own actions and movements in key battles, this devastating chronicle of war follows Murphy and his buddies from North Africa to Berlin, with the war hero performing Herculean deeds on the battlefield.
Audie's likability and breathtaking heroics, played out through highly authentic battle scenes, made To Hell and Back the highest grossing film at Universal until "Jaws" twenty years later. It was also a huge hit when released in Australia cinemas, and the biggest opening in the history of Sydney's Capitol Theatre. In the great tradition of All Quiet on the Western Front, this is epic war action at its finest.
Friend or Foe...Kill or be killed...
Escaped convict Sam Ward (Darren McGavin) is on the war path. A former Texas Ranger, ex-partner of good guy Logan Keliher (enigmatic Western superstar Audie Murphy) and notorious bank robber, he is riding for revenge and he has Keliher dead in his sights.
Married to Ward's ex-wife Susan (Beverly Owen) and stepfather to his son, Logan Keliher is a man of honour - a retired Texas Ranger, forced to take arms against his former cohort. But when the two men face-off, they are attacked by Apache Indians and must work together in order to survive.
A classic Western adventure about redemption, Bullet For A Badman is an action-packed tale where friends can become enemies in the wink of an eye and the draw of a gun.
The courage of the U.S. Cavalry! The Vengeance of the Navajo! The Last Stand at Fort Union!
Stationed in the heart of Navajo country, Lieutenant Jed Sayre (Western legend Audie Murphy, Gunsmoke) is sympathetic to the plight of the local Indians. Respectful of their traditions, he goes out of his way to prove local Navajo Indians are innocent of killing a prospector. But Sayre finds opposition in his superior officer Captain Lee Whitlock (Robert Sterling), a bigot who fails to believe the Navajo have a gentle bone in their bodies. And with the smoke of Civil War on the horizon, he also discovers Confederate sympathisers are planning to cause the Indians to go on the warpath for their own benefit.
Also featuring Joan Evans, Dennis Weaver, Jack Kelly, Bob Steele, Greg Palmer, Russell Johnson and Ray Collins, Column South is a captivating Western adventure, exploring some of the dramatic events leading to the American Civil War.
Novice Texas Ranger ‘Seven’ Jones (Western legend Audie Murphy, Bullet For A Badman) climbs into the saddle to learn the tricks of the trade from veteran Ranger Sergeant Henessey (John McIntire,Psycho). On the trail of notorious outlaw Jim Flood (Barry Sullivan,The Tall Man), the two Rangers must work together and bring their charge to justice in New Mexico. However, capturing the cunning Flood may prove to be less of a challenge for Jones than transporting him back to jail in Texas, where he is due to be hanged. For there are signs on the horizon of an unlikely friendship. Playfully adapted from a novel by Clair Huffaker (Posse From Hell) and set against the rugged expanse of the Wild West, Seven Ways From Sundown is a witty tale of two disparate men, ready to risk it all in the name of justice and freedom.
Jim Harvey (Western legend Audie Murphy, Gunsmoke) is a guard on a westbound wagon train, ready for action. After saving the life of a Yaqui Indian warrior named Tigre (Eugene Iglesias), the wagon train is subject to a surprise attack. With lives on the line, Harvey realises that their only chance of survival is to negotiate a truce with Tigre's father - chief Aguila (Ralph Moody).
But between trust and deceit echoes the cry of loyalty - and through a chilling twist of fate Harvey falls victim to his own idealism - taken prisoner by the warring natives and branded a deserter by his colleagues. Tormented by the past, with his reputation in tatters, Harvey is man ready to risk it all and clear his name for good.

Extra Features

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  • Audie Murphy


  • Frederick De Cordova
  • George Sherman
  • Harry Keller
  • Jesse Hibbs
  • Nathan Juran
  • R.G. Springsteen
  • No. discs 5
  • Running time 419 min
  • Audio format Various
  • Region 4
  • Format PAL
  • Color COLOUR
  • Language English
  • Catalogue No. DAVID3567
  • Aspect ratio 16:9 & 4:3
  • Subtitles None
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