Childhood memories stay with you forever, and for Vanessa Fullerton her mother's tragic murder was a nightmare she'll never forget. Now, as a grown woman, she gains the emotional strength to recount the story of her mother's remarkable life, and the events that led to her untimely death.

Born into Italian royalty, Serena falls in love and leaves everything behind to marry a US Colonel, Brad Fullerton. But when her beloved husband dies a sudden and tragic military death, Serena is left heartbroken and destitute, struggling to raise her daughter any way she can. She stumbles into the world of modelling, she meets Vasili, a renowed photographer. Her career takes off - along with their relationship - putting Serena back on the road to financial and emotional stability. But all is not as it seems and she soon discovers Vasili has a shocking secret. The secret is so dangerous, it leads Serena to her ultimate fate.

In recounting her mother's life and experiences, Vanessa is able to find an inner strength which gives her the courage to heal a lifetime of painful memories.

Extra Features

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  • Angie Dickinson
  • Eva La Rue
  • Jeffrey Nordling


  • Bethany Rooney
  • No. discs 1
  • Running time 87 min
  • Audio format 2.0
  • Region 4
  • Format PAL
  • Color COLOUR
  • Language English
  • Catalogue No. DAVID1462
  • Aspect ratio 4:3
  • Subtitles -
  • M

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