A thought-provoking look into Australian society during the years of the First World War, Changed Forever is a two part program exploring the impact the Great War had on both the home front and abroad. Reflecting on the personal experiences of the common soldier, the commander, the politician, the family, the working man, the journalist and the superstar, it weaves a complex tale of adjustment and sacrifice, reflecting significant events in Australia, Europe, the Middle East and America.

From the dramatic arrival of the first Aussie troops in Egypt, through a significant change in Federal leadership back home, growing industrial unrest and a general landscape of domestic uncertainty, the sacrifice of the many, the experience of those who fought beside them, those who were touched by the war in so many ways, is what changed Australia forever.

Presented and narrated by AFI Award winner Colin Friels and produced by the award winning team responsible for The Digger and For Valour, Changed Forever vividly recreates, through detailed dramatisation, the years that helped shaped the Australian social and political landscape – revealing in detail the story of who we are and how we understand ourselves.

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