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On Christmas Day, 1974, the eye of Cyclone Tracy ripped through Darwin, leaving the city in ruins. Over 100 people were killed, 20 000 were left homeless, and 80 percent of the city's buildings were destroyed. It was the worst natural disaster in Australian history. This highly acclaimed, three part mini-series depicts the events of that terrifying Christmas, celebrating the spirit and courage of the people who survived the devastation. Caught in the excitement of a hot Australian Christmas, many locals failed to heed early warnings and were left helpless in the face of the cyclone's fury. But others fought back. Tracy Mann (Cowra Breakout) stars as Connie, the battling single mum who thought she had nothing more to fight. Chris Haywood (Newsfront) is Steve, a man defeated in life but who finds reason to live again after the cyclone and Nicholas Hammond (TV's Spiderman) is a conman brought back to earth after the disaster. Boasting stunning photography by Oscar winner Andrew Lesnie (Lord of the Rings) and the debut of future television star Kate Ritchie, Cyclone Tracy is an epic story of ordinary Australians and their determination and passion in the face of the disastrous events of that Darwin summer.

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  • Aileen Britton
  • John Alansu
  • Tony Barry


  • Donald Crombie
  • Kathy Mueller

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  • Running time 275 min
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