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Men of Wood and Foam tells the story of the pioneers of the Australian surfboard industry. It uncovers a golden decade in surfing, starting in 1956, when surfing was transformed into a sport and culture with its very own music, movies, fashion and heroes. Underpinning this exciting transformation was a small group of artisans who started out in the 1950s making wooden surfboards in their backyards along Sydney's eastern beaches, before eventually moving to Brookvale where they experimented with "blowing foam" to make lighter and more responsive surfboards from plastic. Now, the entrepreneurs and adventurers reflect on the glory years, when they created a culture.

A companion to Nat Young's legendary History of Surfing - the biggest-selling surfing book ever - this groundbreaking documentary presents the history of surfing in Australia from its origin in 1915, through its development with wooden boards, the Malibu revolution of the 50s and 60s, the shortboard revolution of the 70s and into the radical 80s. Written, directed and narrated by Nat Young, a four-time World Champion who was integral to surfing's evolution into a high-performance, high-profile global sport, A History of Australian Surfing reflects his deep and detailed knowledge of surf and beach culture, and illustrates how Australia emerged as the dominant force in modern pro surfing. Filled with classic footage of Australia's greatest surfers in action - including Midget Farrelly, Mark Richards, Tom Carroll, Wayne Lynch and many more - this is the definitive Oz surfing documentary. Includes Fall Line, a 40 min documentary directed and narrated by Nat Young that charts the emergence of extreme wave, wind and land sports, sports all driven by the will to find the fastest and most radical route from the top to the bottom.

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