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Continuing the dramatic Australian saga set in the North Queensland cane fields, Fields of Fire series 2 picks up in 1947, a time of growth, prosperity and adjustment to post-war living. On-going friction between the increasing migrant population and their suspicious Australian counterparts leads to community unrest. When Kate (Anne Louise LambertPicnic At Hanging Rock) is set to marry her sweetheart Franco (Joseph Spano) it sparks a newfound intolerance to the idea of mixed race relationships.

Crippled by the war and in need of progress, Bluey (Todd Boyce) attempts to mechanise the cane cutting process on Tiny's (Ollie Hall) farm, a challenging prospect for all involved. As locals limit basic food and supplies, the migrants involve themselves in illegal activity and establish a black market to stem the tide of prejudice. With racism spreading through the tight-knit community like fire in the fields, the migrants are forced to take a stand for their rights or forever be stifled by bigotry.

Also featuring John Jarratt, Peta Toppano, Melissa DockerKris McQuadeGosia Dobrowolska, Harold HopkinsKen RadleyPatrick WardPaul Bretram and Nicholas HammondFields of Fire series 2 captures an intensely dramatic era of Australian cultural change that helped shape the nation.

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