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From grand designs to great houses, Building Australia uncovers the hidden history of the humble Australian house and how it has shaped the lives and culture of the greater population.

Hosted by John Doyle, this unique six-part series takes a nostalgic walk through our most iconic houses, from yesteryear right through to the present day, charting the journey through observations and conversations with a range of experts, enthusiasts and home owners right around the country.

Episode one looks at inner city living, the terrace, tracing the earliest development of the terrace from those that landed in the first fleet and initiated the tradition of the European style building. In episode two we see that pioneers adapted to the unfamiliar climate of the tropics through the evolution of one of Australia’s most iconic houses – the Queenslander. The third episode looks at the homestead, a house unique to Australia and inextricably tied to the workplace, followed by the weekender, which evolved due to the introduction of paid holidays and the five day week. The Federation house tells the story of the optimism and confidence that powered the movement to make Australia an independent nation. And finally, there is the project house, which came about as a result of the housing crisis due to post-war immigration and the baby boom.

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