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One round leather ball, two opposing teams and the voracious money machine that keeps the crowds cheering to the end of each match. Arguably the greatest game in the modern world - football. Victory is currency in a world where champions such as Beckham, Messi, Ronaldo as well as past legends Charlton and Pele have risen above the game to be considered heroes of sporting achievement.
Commanding a greater region influence than any other global activity at any one given time, football has evolved beyond a simple team sport to an international phenomenon. With TV and the media driving the expansion and FIFA's ongoing challenge to ensure the game's 208 registered national members follow a strict moral code, football is no longer an innocent sport for players and fans alone, developing into a busy hub for chief scouts, talent agents and club representatives to regulate complex player transfers. Throw into the heady mix the 1995 Bosman verdict, ego plays and million dollar endorsement deals it seems that while the rules might be the same, the game has certainly changed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Narrated by Les Murray How Much is Enough is a four part documentary series from award winning filmmaker Rod Hay, featuring players such as Lineker, Collins, Lewis, Barnes, Bosman, Ronaldo, deal makers such as agent John Holmes as well as high ranking personalities Chuck Blazer (FIFA Executive) and Michel Platini (UEFA President), exploring the growing controversy behind the game and the volatile history of the football transfer system.

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