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He's got ice in his veins and he's cold-blooded, his name is Jack Frost.
After five years of terror and 38 bodies in five states, serial killer Jack is on his way to execution. But a freak accident with a truckload of genetic material in the middle of a snowstorm mutates Jack into a killer snowman. Now only an army can stop the 'slayride' of terror from this frosty monster with icicle fangs. Hell has just frozen over... he's the abominable Jack Frost.

Extra Features


  • Scott MacDonald
  • Christopher Allport
  • Stephen Mendel


  • Michael Cooney
  • Running time 89 min
  • Region AUS & NZ
  • Format SD
  • Color COLOUR
  • Language English
  • Catalogue No.
  • Aspect ratio 4:3
  • Subtitles
  • R