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As the Japanese Army sweep through the South Pacific region towards the Australian mainland in 1942, civilian planters are enlisted to join commissioned soldiers, forming highly trained espionage teams known as SPYFORCE, directed into classified sabotage operations deep behind enemy lines.
Supervised by Allied Headquarters back in Australia, under the strict leadership of Colonel Cato (Redmond Phillips) and Lt French (Katy Wild), courageous men such as Erskine (Jack Thompson) and Gunther Haber (Peter Sumner) are ordered on high-risk clandestine missions including: to infiltrate Changi Prison and rescue a British scientist, foil an assassination attempt on General Douglas MacArthur, obtain blueprints to the Siam-Burma railway and even thwart plans to blow up the Sydney Harbour Bridge back home. 
A bold, exciting and highly authentic wartime television series created by Roger Miriams, SPYFORCE  features a remarkable line-up of Aussie talent, including: Bill Hunter, Jacki Weaver, Chips RaffertyJohn MeillonHelen Morse, Max Cullen, Rowena Wallace as well as fresh faced seven year-old Russell Crowe in his first ever screen appearance.

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  • Bill Hunter
  • Helen Morse
  • Jack Thompson
  • Jacki Weaver
  • Katy Wild
  • Peter Sumner
  • Redmond Phillips
  • Rowena Wallace
  • Russell Crowe


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  • Running time 1220 min
  • Region WORLDWIDE
  • Format SD
  • Color COLOUR
  • Language English
  • Catalogue No. DAVID2796
  • Aspect ratio 4:3
  • Subtitles None
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