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Set in the streets of Rome during the political turmoil of the late 1970s, Year of the Gun is a racy political thriller from the master of the genre, John Frankenheimer (Ronin, The Manchurian Candidate). David Raybourne (Andrew McCarthy) is an American journalist and part-time novelist living in Rome while surreptitiously working on a fictional spy thriller. Detailing a planned coup by the ultra left-wing Red Brigades, the inflammatory manuscript is soon discovered by the radicals and Raybourne becomes a marked man. Sharon Stone, an alluring photographer, teams up with the journalist to help uncover the revolutionary plot, and together they dodge bullets around the streets of Rome in between incendiary sex scenes.

Extra Features

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  • Andrew McCarthy


  • John Frankenheimer
  • Running time 106 min
  • Region AUS & NZ
  • Format SD
  • Color -
  • Language English
  • Catalogue No. DAVID0585
  • Aspect ratio -
  • Subtitles -
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