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For small town bar-owner Hank, his 10-year relationship with Abby has been storybook-quality. Abby, however, wants more: marriage, to be exact, which Hank doesn't seem ready to initiate any time soon. As a result, she leaves him without so much as a note or any subsequent communication. Hank is crushed. Even worse, Abby's departure seemingly triggers the arrival of an unseen monster that claws at Hank's front door at night.  As the nocturnal threat intensifies, Hank must figure out how to not only dave his relationship but also himself. 

Extra Features

  • None


  • Brea Grant
  • Jeremy Gardner


  • Jeremy Gardner
  • Running time 83 min
  • Region 4
  • Format NTSC
  • Color COLOUR
  • Language English
  • Catalogue No. DAVID4111
  • Aspect ratio 16:9
  • Subtitles None
  • MA