Patrick Glover (Patrick Cargill) is a divorced thriller novelist attempting to raise & keep the peace between his two teenaged daughters Anna (Natasha Pyne) & Karen (Ann Holloway). Helping (but sometimes hindering) his efforts is Nanny (Noel Dyson), his ex-wife Barbara (Ursula Howells), his dotty mother (Joyce Carey) & his agent/girlfriend Georgie (Sally Bazely) .... not forgetting H.G. Wells, Patrick's lazy St. Bernard. Premiering in 1968, Patrick Cargill (already a popular actor) found his comic niche as harassed father of 2 Patrick Glover in Father, Dear Father. The series became one of Thames' most successful & long running sitcoms, spanning 7 seasons including a feature film version in 1972 & a spin off series filmed in Australia. For the first time, the rarely seen original black & white episodes from Series 2 of Father, Dear Father are collected on DVD, complete & uncut including the original broadcast adcaps. Episodes: UNHAPPY BIRTHDAY - Another year older & Patrick's nursing a cold. The girls are planning a surprise party, but leaving him in bed with a medical book soon finds him believing he's dying from 1 of 7 serious diseases. WE CAN'T AFFORD A CARRIAGE - Anna & Karen's desire for a car & Patrick's refusal to pay for it lead to misunderstandings when Karen places a card in the newsagent's window & Anna takes a job as a Bunny Girl. SHOW ME THE WAY TO GO HOME - Anna's decided it's time she moved out & found a place to call her own, but when Patrick drops in for a visit, she pretends the swish downstairs flat is hers - leading to a case of mistaken identity. THINNER THAN WATER - After reluctantly donating blood, a mix-up leads Patrick to believe he is not Anna & Karen's father when their blood type is revealed as AB & his is O. BABY WON'T YOU PLEASE COME HOME - A relatively calm morning in the Glover household is interrupted by the arrival of Patrick's younger brother Philip. Before the end of the day Patrick is left holding a baby...and a boat. DIVORCE ENGLISH STYLE - A trip to his solicitor reveals that Patrick is still legally married to Barbara. Anna & Karen, however, get the wrong idea & tell Bill that he's the one Barbara is planning to divorce.

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  • William G. Stewart
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  • Running time 150 min
  • Audio format 2.0
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