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The epic story of Gaius Julius Caesar and his four decade ascension to become Rome's supreme dictator, and recognised as one of the most feared and revered men in history. Portrayed with charm and gusto by Jeremy Sisto (Six Feet Under), Caesar's rise to prominence after fleeing for his life during the reign of Sulla (Richard Harris in his final screen performance) is legendary if not notorious.
Vividly tracing his illustrious career as a brilliant military tactician, his complex but sound relationships with mentor General Pompey (Chris Noth, Sex And The City) and second wife Calpurnia (Valeria Golino, Frida) this ambitious production presents a fundamentally honourable man with grand schemes, possessing an uncanny ability to reach out to the Roman citizenry of the time.
As Caesar's political aspirations and thirst for power begin to overtake him, his stoicism and ideological conflicts with Senator Cato (Christopher Walken, Catch Me If You Can) ultimately lead to a tragic conspiracy that would bring about his downfall at the hands of his former friends and allies.

Extra Features

  • Making of Julius Caesar featurette - 12 mins


  • Chris Noth
  • Christopher Walken
  • Richard Harris


  • Uli Edel
  • No. discs 2
  • Running time 172 min
  • Audio format 2.0
  • Region 4
  • Format PAL
  • Color COLOUR
  • Language English
  • Catalogue No. DAVID2074
  • Aspect ratio 16:9
  • Subtitles -
  • M

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